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Reviews of Zafari

  • CrossRadar

“(…) music that requires a certain degree of intentional engagement on the part of the listener (…) broad and experimental landscape (…) distant, lonely, wistful piano, it creates a sense of hope and confidence, eventually building into a frenetic, creative melding of throbbing synths, treated strings samples, (…) something quite strange, but quite beautiful, has just happened.”

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  • Sleeping Bag Studios

“Highly experimental, the album plays somewhere in between the most fantastic parts in a Pink Floyd instrumental and pure, free-flowing art at its absolute best. The result is quite simply, an album unlike that which you’ll encounter rarely in our world; it truly has its own unique gravitational pull (…) Zafari will both challenge and delight your waiting eardrums.”

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Reviews of Deckare

  • Indie Band Guru

” Experimental and innovative (….) The music moves between dark ambient, krautrock, synth pop, and post punk to make the listener remain in a compelled state wondering where the record will go next.”

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  • IndieMunity

” Misty and dark like a hazy dream, but, like that dream, it keeps you guessing even after the music stops and you’ve woken up (…) What makes it all come together is that Swanski and part-time collaborator La Gouzel never make the most obvious choice (…) Take it from me: leave the lights on your first attempt with this on.”

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Reviews of Electro Noir

  • Brutal Resonance

“Its like a mixture of Thomas Dolby, Throbbing Gristle and Faust, in a free Jazz framework… it is Krautrock in nature and (…) therefore eclectic. Its sounds range from psychedelic to progressive and classical music to jazz.”

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  • Independent Music Promotions

“Music that asks questions of its listeners rather than simply delivering ear candy, which it also does in spades (…) What perhaps sets Swanski’s work apart from his contemporaries is his minimalist approach and sense of space.”

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  • Meadow Music

“A really good and well-made thematic album, which feels filmic and full of images.”

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  • Peek-A-Boo

“An uncompromising record that’s hard to chew through, slightly unbalanced but it’s also very honest and sharp witted music. (…) one to discover!”

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  • MusicStage

“Utan tvekan är det här en av årets intressantaste skivor hittills, och den som tar sig tid att lyssna, de 10 spåren landar på sammanlagt 59:00 minuter), får en fascinerande resa in i en mycket annorlunda värld.”

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