A.S. Swanski

Belgium-based musician A.S. Swanski creates dark ambient sound sculptures, combining the free-spirited, innovative energy of krautrock with the earthiness and stark boldness of post-punk.

A.S. Swanski has been praised for the cinematic qualities of his music and uncompromising approach. Singer Jordan Reyne, known for performances on Glastonbury and in The Lord of the Rings, called his work “truly innovative and cool”.

BRUTAL RESONANCE – “Like a mixture of Thomas Dolby, Throbbing Gristle and Faust, in a free jazz framework… ”

TONE TRIBUNE – “Sometimes dystopian and dark, other times open, crystalline and chillingly serene.”

SLEEPINGBAG – “In between the most fantastic parts in a Pink Floyd instrumental and pure, free-flowing art at its absolute best.”

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